July 9th, 2003

A Pocket Full of Murder

Unique LJ Interests Meme

I've mentioned some of these before, but...

  • Cock Robin - brilliant, obscure 80's pop duo. Peter Kingsbery has a gorgeous voice. Anna LaCazio had a great whine.
  • Wild Swans (the band) - another obscure 80's band. Lilting, gorgeous melodies. The title of my Alias fic Whirlpool Heart was taken from a song by the Swans. Originally this didn't seem to be a unique interest, but then I realized that the other people listing "Wild Swans" were referring to the book by pegkerr, so I added the qualifier and now it's unique. Still, somebody else must like these guys, I'm sure -- heidi8?
  • New Testament churches - that is, local congregations that attempt to organize and govern themselves in the same way the first-century Christians did. They're much rarer than you might think, even in otherwise conservative circles -- how many evangelical churches do you know that have a group of teaching elders instead of a single pastor, for instance, or where those in full-time ministry are supported by freewill gifts (without appeals or fundraising) instead of being salaried? What about each congregation being autonomous and responsible to Christ alone, instead of being part of a denomination or otherwise controlled from the outside? Those are just a few examples of NT principles that have been pushed aside or forgotten in many instances -- but I think they're important ones, so this is an interest of mine.
  • Saffron cake (recipe here) - I can't be the only person on LiveJournal who likes the stuff, surely? I'm sure I'm not the only LJ user of Cornish descent...
  • A Pocket Full of Murder

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    Simon took his first unaided steps today -- walked clear across the room to me. At first he looked puzzled as to why I was clapping and cheering, but then he seemed to realize he'd accomplished something and broke out into a big six-toothed smile.

    I am now the parent of Yet Another Toddler...
    A Pocket Full of Murder

    Death of a Plot Bunny

    I am not actually upset about this at all, seeing as Richard E. Grant is a fine actor and hey, more Who is always a good thing, but...

    I really liked Rowan Atkinson's Ninth Doctor, even if the only thing he ever appeared in was a spoof. And I have this little snippet of a story sitting on my hard drive, which I actually thought I might get around to finishing someday...

    But now I shall post it here, as a wistful goodbye to my dream that AtkinsonDoc might some day become canonical.

    Collapse )

    And that's all she wrote, alas. I had a premise and some notes for an outline, but that's as far as it got...

    P.S. If you were wondering if the girl was Emma, the answer is yes. This was supposed to be her backstory.
    P.P.S. I am also going to link to this, for no good reason whatsoever. Woo!
    P.P.P.S. You know, if Snape washed his hair, I think this is how it might look.
    P.P.P.P.S. Yes, I'll shut up now.