July 4th, 2003

A Pocket Full of Murder

*does the dance of new fic*

I learned the steps from lizbee, I'm still not sure I've got 'em all down... is it two steps to the left and then kick, or kick - step to the left - step to the right?

Anyway, since I have zero patience these days when it comes to submitting to FA or SQ (though I'm sure I'll get around to both eventually), you can find my latest, hot-off-the-press HP story here:

Cold Water
Remus Lupin's private interview with an old schoolmate results in some painful but necessary soul-searching, and some surprising discoveries for both parties. Set after the events of OotP.
And do please let me know what you think. Yes, even if you don't like it. Just do me the favour of telling me why so I'll know better next time.

P.S. If you loathe and detest FF.net, you can also find the story at my personal web site.