June 21st, 2003

A Pocket Full of Murder

Yep, definitely obsessed

Thanks to lining up in front of our local children's bookstore at 11:30 last night (since I'd gone to bed at 9:40 and by 11:20 I still hadn't got to sleep), I ended up being only the third person to buy a copy of OotP in town. I would have been the second, except that I let a twelve-year-old girl dressed up as Hermione go ahead of me, because... well, if you'd seen her, you would have, too. (It was a great costume. And her hair was wonderfully bushy.)

Then I drove home, put the book on the kitchen table, and went straight to bed. Slept very poorly, thanks to the baby waking up and yelling intermittently for reasons which are still obscure. Dreamed about, of all things, The Hulk. (No, I haven't seen it. Wasn't even particularly planning to.)

And now I am writing this entry and listening to the kids chase each other around the house...

...when I could be starting OotP.


Excuse me.
A Pocket Full of Murder

*is stunned*

I have finished OotP. It is... well, I don't want to give anything away outside a cut-tag, but it's... different. Some of the differences I knew about from JKR's interviews, but some of them were... unexpected.

It's really good, I can say that. I have a couple of quibbles, but my first instinct is that it all hangs together well and that there isn't much, if any, unnecessary material (which is saying something, for a book this size).

And now to the cut tag, because I can't go on without giving a few things away...

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And now I hear screaming from upstairs so I must go. More later.