June 20th, 2003

A Pocket Full of Murder

More Fun with JKR and Dunnett

I have just recalled one of the other shared elements I stupidly failed to write down when I was reading The Game of Kings: Dunnett, like JKR, makes reference to the twelve uses of dragon's blood.

Though in Dunnett's book, it's made clear that the term "dragon's blood" is a fanciful description for a considerably more mundane substance, and I suspect that "oven cleaner" was not one of the twelve uses she had in mind...

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Regarding tonight's release, I have a dilemma. If I go down as soon as the store opens to get my reserved copy of OotP, I'll have to stay up until midnight. And then once I get the book in my hands, I'm going to want to just take one little peek. And then I'll get no sleep at all and be fried and useless the next day. However, if I don't go down at midnight, I probably won't be able to sleep anyway. But I might surprise myself on that score, who knows, and then I could go down and pick the book up the next morning. Except I'm worried there'll be a huge lineup and it'll take me forever to get it, plus I'll want to spend the whole day reading it and my family will mope at me.

What to do, what to do...?