June 13th, 2003

A Pocket Full of Murder

The truth about Snape

From a rather one-sided IM conversation I had with firelocks tonight (she'd had to leave her computer to answer the phone):

synaesthete7: I have just ransacked Quick Quotes for everything JKR has said so far about Snape, and unless she is a Big Fat Liar, she doesn't like him. She may have a plan for him to play a significant role, even a heroic role, but she still doesn't like him.
synaesthete7: She keeps using the word "horrible".
synaesthete7: Sigh.
synaesthete7: *hugs Snape*
synaesthete7: *gets hexed into the middle of next week*
synaesthete7: *ends up head-down in a boiling cauldron*
synaesthete7: Oops.