June 3rd, 2003

A Pocket Full of Murder

One more for the D&L soundtrack

Every time I heard U2's "Electrical Storm" on the radio it made me think of If We Survive for some reason, but the lyrics didn't really fit. This song, however, has a similar musical punch, and the lyrics are much more appropriate:

  • Bring Me To Life by Evanescence

    I can see why a clear soprano voice might make me think of Maud, but the association between Snape and pounding metal guitar is not quite so clear. Ah, well.

    For those keeping track of my incredibly slow progress on this project, the only other song I've found so far is Dante's Prayer by Loreena McKennitt -- though as with the above, it was the music that caught my attention first, and the appropriateness of the lyrics was pure serendipity.

    Basically, I chose these two songs because they conjured up such strong and immediate mental images that I found myself frustrated by not being able to turn them into a vid. That's what a soundtrack is, for me.
  • A Pocket Full of Murder

    Just found this...

    ...while adding posts to my Memories section -- my apologies to bluemoon02 for not having seen and answered it before.

    Q: Have you written any ficlets about Maud and Snape?

    I assume by this you mean "recently", as opposed to all the older stuff that's already archived at Sugar Quill and elsewhere? The answer would be no... although thanks to lizbee's persistence my next scene for the Margot fic will probably feature the Snape family around the dinner table, and both Snape and Maud will certainly be present at that.

    A post-D&L Snape is also featured in my Alias/HP crossover fic, and he may even make an oblique reference to Maud somewhere along the line, but at the moment I can't get him to stop loitering about and chatting with Irina Derevko. *kicks Snape*