May 31st, 2003

A Pocket Full of Murder

Five Interests Meme

I can't remember who started this one -- mctabby, probably -- but anyway, here are my five LJ interests I think more people ought to share. Especially since in the case of the starred entries I am the only person who has these listed.

Collapse )

Next up, when time permits: a new 80's music meme, for which I have decided to blame fharraige.
A Pocket Full of Murder

80's Music Meme

From the music of the 80's, name...

5 popular songs that you still aren't tired of hearing yet: Collapse )

5 popular songs you never want to hear again as long as you live: Collapse )

5 songs that made you jump in front of the mirror and sing to your hairbrush: Collapse )

5 ballads that made you ache with their beauty: Collapse )

5 bands you really miss: Collapse )

5 bands you don't miss even a teeny tiny bit: Collapse )

5 songs that bring back vivid memories (and, if it's not too personal, which ones): Collapse )

5 songs you're pretty sure nobody else remembers: Collapse )

That was fun. Now we'll see how far it spreads...