May 9th, 2003

A Pocket Full of Murder

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Thanks to the felicitous combination of my LiveJournal Friends list and Rob's Amazing Poem Generator, I offer you this eerily appropriate bit of verse.

the impact into the readers
will take me, I think, the
afternoon. So far
I can make comments.
I appreciate the computer.
my whole body hurts like
on hold for a story.

Note, all I did was capitalize the title, add some punctuation and delete a few extraneous lines (mostly date and timestamps, which the Generator didn't know enough to ignore). I did not alter or rearrange any phrases. And since I used my Friends page, none of the text that went into the Generator was written by me. But it's amazing how well the result reflects my feelings about writing (or, more recently, not being able to write when or as much as I want to).

Think you might get some new ideas out of this, Erin? :) Not like you're suffering for need of them...