May 7th, 2003

A Pocket Full of Murder


The unfortunate image of Clay Aiken singing "Grease", accompanied by intermittent hip twitches and pelvic thrustlets, has been wiggling uncomfortably across the surface of my right temporal lobe since last night.

Paula's attempt to put a brave face on it notwithstanding, I am cheered by the obvious conclusion to this episode: you can lead a geek to fashion, but you can't make him hip.

It's all right, Clay, we still love you. Even if we sometimes have to do it with our eyes closed.
A Pocket Full of Murder

Song Title Meme (gacked from peacockharpy)

Pick a band and answer the following questions using song titles from that band:

Are you male or female? Dum Dum Girl
Describe yourself: Living In Another World
How do some people feel about you? My Foolish Friend
How do you feel about yourself? For What It's Worth
Describe your girlfriend/boyfriend/interest: Desire
Where would you rather be? Ascension Day
Describe what you want to be: Another Word
Describe how you live: Life's What You Make It
Describe how you love: I Believe In You
Share a few words of wisdom: Happiness is Easy