April 9th, 2003

A Pocket Full of Murder

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Hm. What can I put in this blog entry that will convince Blogspot's content-sensitive advertising to stop hawking occult supplies? Oops. I guess that last sentence didn't help matters either...

Anyway, I'd like to join a number of others in wishing Natasha a very happy sixteenth birthday. She's smart, she's cool, she has great taste in literature, and she writes wonderful HP fic.

I was going to post something about gender politics in my fiction but now I can't remember what it was or what precisely inspired it. My brain is pea soup at the moment.
A Pocket Full of Murder


Go. Here. Now.

I was so afraid to read it at first. But now I'm glad I did.

PLEASE NOTE: The above-mentioned link is promotional material intended for the consumption of the general public. It contains only minor spoilers, such as will not diminish the experience of reading the book. Really. Honest. So go ahead and click.