March 31st, 2003

A Pocket Full of Murder

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For six months now I have known that I was scheduled to sing and speak at a Coffee Hour (a women's Bible study) in April. For all that time I have also been fully aware of what topic I was supposed to deal with. Now I have only ten days left in which to prepare my message. Have I got anything down on paper? Do I even know what angle I'm going to take on it? Noooo...

I'm such a dilettante it's pathetic.
A Pocket Full of Murder

And it's not a bit cliched, overwrought, or cheesy either...

You have peacockharpy to blame thank for this. I just dug it out of my archives, where it has resided since approximately 1987, and now I inflict it on share it with you all because I know some of you really like my writing and I am cruel that way such a generous person.

So now, in the spirit of Operation Teenage Angst Fest, I offer this fragment of immortal prose, from an unfinished urban fantasy story, for your torment enjoyment:

Collapse )

Yes, there is more -- about a page and a half. I can't decide whether it's just as awful as the first part, or even more awful. Anyway, if for some strange reason you want to read the rest, let me know and I'll e-mail it to you, or post it here if there are enough requests. But I really doubt that many of you are masochists.