March 22nd, 2003

A Pocket Full of Murder

I hear of Mary Sue everywhere...

With all this talk about Mary Sues, I've been struck by a new thought.

Some people have mentioned seeing MS characters in published fiction -- Anita Blake is frequently mentioned, and of course there are other plausible candidates like Amelia Peabody, Mary Russell, and Anne of Green Gables (come on -- she's a spunky orphan with a tragic past, an unusual hair colour, and she wins the heart of everybody she meets! How can she not be a Mary Sue?*).

However, I haven't heard anybody mention an even more serious and irritating problem -- Mary Sues in real life!

Think about it. Alexander the Great? So a Gary Stu. Elizabeth Taylor? I mean, she has violet eyes**! And let's not even get started on Gwyneth Paltrow...

But that's just a tiny sample. So step right up, folks! Nominate your favorite RL Mary Sues and Gary Stus. We might even start a new genre -- RPMS fic!

*This is, by the way, mostly facetious. I like Anne just fine.
**Yes, I do know they aren't really violet. Tell that to the press, though.
A Pocket Full of Murder

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With all the glowing comments I've been getting on the new blog design (thank you, all!), I'd like to make sure at least some credit goes where it's really due -- to Trish at In a Mood Designs. The template is called "Serenity" and it's in the "Log Looks" section under "Linkware", along with some other really beautiful stuff. I just twiddled things a bit.
A Pocket Full of Murder

All shall love me II: Electric Boogaloo

Further to my recent post on the subject, the original lawful_fic review of The Potions Master's Apprentice has been taken down. The author is reworking the review and plans to post a revised version on Wednesday.

I don't expect she will change her mind about disliking the fic, nor do I even think she should; but it looks as though she did think my complaint had some validity, and plans to make her criticisms more reasoned and careful on the second go-round. Which is good, and all I really ask for.

(Well, that and maybe one really witty piece of snark that I can giggle over, like the bit in the MarySues review about Maud's sense of self-righteousness having its own gravitational pull. That was funny.)

It is no doubt revelatory of my character, however, that when I found the author had taken down the review I felt obscurely guilty for complaining about it.
A Pocket Full of Murder

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Now the content-specific banner ads are starting to scare me. Where did it get the cat stuff from? How does Blogger know I like cats?

*is worried*