February 22nd, 2003

A Pocket Full of Murder

Favorite Characters

From another old HP4GU post of mine:

My favorite adult characters are Snape and Mad-Eye Moody, and my favorite of the Trio is Ron. One might think, based on that, that I'm drawn to fierce, sarcastic, bad-tempered men: but in fact I'm not...
Collapse )</blockquote></i>When I started looking back at older posts like this one, I expected to cringe with shame over how foolish and immature I was back then and how poorly I expressed myself. Well, I did end up being embarrassed, but for quite the opposite reason -- reading some of those messages, I'm struck by how well-read and articulate and bubbling with ideas I was back then, and it makes me feel horribly dull and ignorant these days by comparison.

Kids. I blame the kids. You lose brain cells in pregnancy, you know, and they never come back. Um. Yeah. That's the ticket...
A Pocket Full of Murder

My new campaign!

...is to get at least one other person to add saffron cake to their Interests list. And mean it. Don't do it if you don't know what it is or don't sincerely like it. But my mother's family surely can't be the only Cornish expatriates to whom this stuff is ambrosia?