February 9th, 2003

A Pocket Full of Murder

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OK, up until this morning I wasn't quite sure which Blue's Clues host I preferred, Steve (the original) or Joe (the replacement). After seeing this web page, however, I am definitely gonna go with Steve. Check it out even if you have no idea who or what I'm talking about: it's wonderfully deranged. Squirrels? Lobsters? Dust Mites? At the very least, try the random song title generator. And "What I Do on Saturday" is an awfully catchy tune, too.

Thanks to fellow toddler-mom shellebelle for tipping me off to this delightful bit of insanity.
A Pocket Full of Murder

OK, even I think this (http://www.geocities.com/doctorwho8_a/Scarf.html) is sad...

'Cause I liked the Fourth Doctor and I thought his scarves were cool and all that, but you know, somewhere there's got to be a limit.

Bonus points if you can get through the page without clawing out your eyeballs (what was the guy thinking when he chose that background?).

And on a pretty much unrelated note, Steve Burns (former host of Blue's Clues) is my new musical hero. I'd buy his album, if he had one yet. Get on it, Steve!