February 1st, 2003

A Pocket Full of Murder

In case you were wondering...

...where my Unpopular Opinion of the 28th went, it has been flushed. I've archived a copy of the page, and it's available upon special request if anyone feels they must know exactly what was said by all parties, but I doubt anyone is really that interested. I know I'm not.

You see, this morning seven astronauts passed abruptly from time into eternity. And this afternoon I played the piano at the funeral of a dear old man who was my brother in Christ. Under those circumstances, the idea of arguing back and forth about fanfic reading and writing preferences just strikes me as being, well, pretty irrelevant.

These kinds of events have a way of making you stop and reflect on what's important in life, and what things are really worth spending your time and energy on. So I trust you'll understand, and not be too surprised, if I say that I'd rather concentrate on other things than fandom at the moment.

Thank you.