January 27th, 2003

A Pocket Full of Murder

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Baby's nose is still all stuffed up, causing him to sleep very little during the day and wake us up every three hours all night. DS's pulled wrist has been perfectly fine ever since the nice people at Emergency popped it back in, but he still persists in the willful and contrary frame of mind that caused the accident in the first place. DH has hurt his back somehow, and I am achy and crabby due to lack of sleep. Yep, we're just one big crappy happy family...

In other news, DH's next big renovation project is laying hardwood in the kitchen. We've spent the last couple of weeks trying to decide which of umpty-ump different colours and finishes to choose. When he'll actually get around to doing it, I don't know, but judging by his determination to find just the right colour, I suspect it will be soon. Yikes! This should be interesting.
DS = Dear Son. DH = Dear Husband.
A Pocket Full of Murder


...I've got a few moments to wibble about last night's Alias.

For those who prefer to be unspoiled, I'll just repeat what I said over on the TWoP forums right after watching the episode:
Okay. Well. I have never seen a more gripping, gut-twisting, wild-riding, emotionally turbulent, shocking hour of TV than this one. I was literally shaking as I watched it. Hyperventilating. On the edge of my seat. I just... Wow. There are really no good words to describe how this ep made me feel.

The acting? Superb. The pacing? Breathless. The character dynamics? Better than ever. And there was so much packed into this ep, I'm amazed they fit it all in.

Now for the spoilery specifics: Collapse )

As of this episode, everything on the show has been turned upside-down. The premise has changed. The character dynamics have changed. In some ways, the ep was like a finale; in other ways, like a second pilot. And yet, the changes all look good, which considering how radical they were, is an amazing feat. I can't wait to see what JJ Abrams pulls out of his hat next...
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