January 6th, 2003

A Pocket Full of Murder

Characters Meme

...as spotted on various LJ's, and slightly edited to suit my own taste.

For each of your fandoms, and without reusing anyone if possible, who was the character you most:

Identified with?
Doctor Who: Sarah Jane Smith
Star Trek: Beverly Crusher
Sherlock Holmes: Violet Hunter
Harry Potter: Hermione
X-Files: Scully
Alias: Vaughn

Found attractive?
Doctor Who: the Fifth Doctor (Peter Davison)
Star Trek: Spock
Sherlock Holmes: Holmes
Harry Potter: Remus Lupin
X-Files: Mulder
Alias: Jack

Hated or were thoroughly annoyed by?
Doctor Who: the Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker)
Star Trek: Lwaxana Troi
Sherlock Holmes: Patricia Donleavy
Harry Potter: Rita Skeeter
X-Files: Diana Fowley
Alias: Haladki

Adored in a platonic sense?
Doctor Who: Turlough
Star Trek: TNG Worf
Sherlock Holmes: Irene Adler
Harry Potter: Mad-Eye Moody
X-Files: Skinner
Alias: Marshall
A Pocket Full of Murder

First/Last Line Meme

From melwil. The first and last sentence/paragraph of my last ten finished and published stories, beginning with the most recently archived.

Irresistible Force
F: My name is Jessica Reislander. I have a master's degree in sociology and anthropology from the University of Waterloo. My graduate thesis, on the cultural response to violent crime within Toronto's Portuguese community, was hailed as an impressive achievement: it earned me a few hearty back-pats from my professors, my name engraved on a couple of plaques, and the somewhat useful sum of $500. What it did not earn me, however--and I really should have known this when I started--was a job.
L: But only until the next time he picks up a gun.

F: I am doing push-ups on the floor of the cell, working hard-won arm and leg muscles that I dare not lose, when the buzzer sounds within my glass cage. In spite of Sydney's absence -- or perhaps because of it -- someone has come to visit me.
L: And I see his step falter, for just an instant, as he walks away.

F: Not so very long ago, he'd thought it the most irritating sound in the universe.
L: Listening, with a satisfaction he would never have thought possible, to the sound of his daughter's cry.

F: Severus Snape sat down heavily in the chair before the fire, pushing the heels of his hands into his eyes.
L: "His name is Albion."

Whirlpool Heart
F: It took Michael Vaughn a long time to drown.
L: It was going to take a little longer to drown, it seemed.

Lessons (since this was co-authored, the last line given here is not the last line of the story, but rather the last line I personally wrote)
F: Something had gone wrong today; she could see it in his face.
L: "...you're going to be a father."

Ties That Bind
F: Sometimes, in the deep black silence of midnight, a thought comes to you unheralded, unbidden. One minute you lie half-asleep, floating in the haze between waking and dreaming; the next finds you sitting upright with eyes open, mouth gaping, appalled by realization.
L: Then he went home to bed.

War Wounds
F: It should be about the right time, he thought. The Battle of Hogwarts had ended two weeks ago, and she'd been out of the hospital for a good few days now. Of course, the doctors had told her to go easy for a while yet, but that was fine with him; he'd no intention of taxing her strength, just taking her for a bit of an outing. She needed that, whether she knew it or not. And if she got to feeling a bit wobbly she could just lean on his arm, and devil take what anyone might think of it.
L: "Then I'll make sure to put you in the front of the conga line," she said, and they walked off down the path together.

The Thing With Feathers
F: If anyone had suggested to him, even three months ago, that he might fall in love with one of his students, Severus Snape would have laughed -- scornfully and with absolute sincerity -- in that person's face.
L: Mad-Eye Moody, do your worst, he thought. I'm ready.

Darkness & Light 3: If We Survive
F: There is a hush over the countryside this evening, a mystical stillness that hints at the coming of rain. A rumpled blanket of cloud, heavy with warmth and moisture, unfolds itself from the east; to the west the sun sinks toward the horizon in an ecstasy of purple and gold.
L: "Yes," she says, softly, her eyes holding his dark ironical ones, her fingers twining with his. "Let's go home."