December 30th, 2002

A Pocket Full of Murder

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Mellie should love this one:

For the last couple of days, my husband has been asking our two-year-old son where he came from, just to see what funny things he might say. Usually Nicholas is in a silly mood and just babbles nonsense in reply (though it usually sounds something like "hospital"), but tonight when Hubby said, "Nicholas, where did you come from?" he perked up and said brightly, "New York!"

"New York, of all places?" said Hubby, amused. "You don't even know where New York is. Do you?"

Nicholas nodded emphatically. "In the United States!"

Pretty impressive memory on the kid, seeing as I told him that only once, and it was about three months ago...

Meanwhile, in other news, my husband the renovation hobbyist has just sawed a large hole in our perfectly good dining room area. Now there are sounds of crunching and ripping as he tears the drywall out. I will attempt not to gibber and pull at my hair...