December 27th, 2002

A Pocket Full of Murder

Aw, he's just misunderstood...

Seriously, though, I have to say that even after seeing TTT and appreciating Brad Dourif's fine performance, I am not one of the growing number of Grima Wormtongue admirers. Just too squicky-looking, and you know that totally-evil-selling-out-to-Saruman thing? Not so attractive. But I got this idea for an icon and had to use it, especially since I knew it would amuse meril and possibly nasubionna (although the latter, if she sees this, is probably wondering who on earth I am).

I'm all about the Argus Filch love, though. Not in the HP books, but Movie!Filch is hilarious. I'll probably make a Filch icon before very long. And getting back to LotR, maybe a Smeagol icon. The first time I saw Gollum I thought, "Ick." Once he started talking to himself, though, I just wanted to cuddle him and feed him soup.

Hm. Between all this and agreeing with lizbee's comment about Aragorn/Horse (was that PJ & Co. making fun of their own sappy attempts at giving Aragorn more romance? I like to think so), people are going to wonder about me...
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