December 20th, 2002

A Pocket Full of Murder

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I've just had to move my personal web page and my Mary Russell & Sherlock Holmes page to a new URL, because the ISP I've been with since 1996, while wonderful in all other respects, won't let me pay them their stated $1.95 a month to keep my web pages there without paying for another year's worth of dial-up access as well (which I don't need, since I'm now networked for high speed). So for the privilege of using less than 3 MB of webspace, they'd be asking me to dole out about $120 a year. Somehow I think not...

Fortunately I can get 5 MB for free with my high-speed provider, although it means I get stuck with a goofy user name, and they are a big soulless corporation and their customer service stinks. Oh, well.