December 8th, 2002

A Pocket Full of Murder

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Well, this is extremely odd.

I was surfing the newsgroups archive at Google, looking for any reviews of my stories I might have missed, and I came across the following quote, in a dissertation entitled A Textual Analysis of The Prisoner:

Henry Jenkins (1992) has written that he initially felt uncomfortable dispensing with the notion of authorial intention as he came across the very creative writings which fans have produced; that fans could actually rewrite a text and dispense with its original "meaning". For instance, Rebecca J. Anderson has published stories on the Internet which feature a female companion's heterosexual love for a future incarnation of Doctor Who. Whilst this may not seem particularly unusual ... there is the fact that Anderson makes no secret of her homosexuality (and thus a gay interpretation can be made of her work).

I'm sitting here wondering, where on earth did this guy get that impression? Unfortunately the essay was written in 1997, so the odds of me tracking the author down to ask him about it are fairly small.

Oh, well, at least my husband was amused.