October 18th, 2002

A Pocket Full of Murder

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Nicholas is sick today, poor kid. He doesn't want to eat anything and he asked me to put him to bed right after lunch. Simon, for his part, has been cranky and clingy, and takes very short naps. So I suspect he's under the weather as well.

Not fun.
A Pocket Full of Murder

(no subject)

It's time for the Friday Five!

1. How many TVs do you have in your home?
Zero. But our downstairs tenant/friend owns a TV which we are free to go down and watch just about any time.

2. On average, how much TV do you watch in a week?
I usually keep it to three or four hours -- including the time I spend watching kids' programs with Nicholas.

3. Do you feel that television is bad for young children?
Yes. It destroys their attention spans and exposes them to a lot of frightening and confusing images. So we try to keep Nicholas's viewing to a carefully monitored minimum. "Alphabet Hour" on TVO Kids is our friend.

4. What TV shows do you absolutely HAVE to watch, and if you miss them, you're heartbroken?
I wish I could say "none". However, as everybody knows by now, I'm pretty stuck on ALIAS.

5. If you had the power to create your own television network, what would your line-up look like?
It'd pretty much be a cross between SPACE and A&E -- a few SF adventure shows, some classy Brit-lit adaptations, with the occasional clever animated short thrown in.