October 17th, 2002

A Pocket Full of Murder

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Finally jumping on a very old bandwagon...

  1. I am a procrastinator.

  2. I am also a perfectionist.

  3. And I have two small children who are keeping me very busy.

  4. Which is why it has taken me about three weeks to get around to completing this meme.

  5. I am still not sure what a "meme" actually is, and I hope I've just used the term correctly.

  6. I have a bad habit of using words I like the sound of, but have not actually looked up in a dictionary.

  7. Sometimes this habit gets me into trouble.

  8. I choose words and use grammar the same way I plot fiction -- by instinct.

  9. But my instinct is pretty good, because I have read an insane number of books.

  10. The year I was unemployed, I read over 250 novels.

  11. I can't even remember most of them.

  12. Although I would know instantly if I picked up a book I'd already read.

  13. I only re-read books I really love.

  14. My favorite books I've read at least ten times by now, many closer to twenty.

  15. I have read a lot of fantasy novels.

  16. Although for the past ten years I've been more into mysteries.

  17. I could only stomach so many tired rehashes of Tolkien, after all.

  18. And I like the way that mysteries provide a natural backdrop for the exploration of moral issues.

  19. I especially appreciate the way that Dorothy L. Sayers handles this in the Wimsey books.

  20. Even if, unlike many Sayers fans, I am not even slightly in love with Lord Peter Wimsey.

  21. Though I do like him and wish him well, of course.

  22. That's not to say I haven't fallen for any number of literary characters, because I have.

  23. I have an enormous crush on Johnson Johnson, for instance.

  24. And Sherlock Holmes.

  25. Though I have absolutely no desire to write a Mary Sue fic involving either one of them.

  26. I think self-insertion is incredibly boring.

  27. Mind you, I also believe that good authors put something of themselves into all their characters, and especially into their main characters -- whether they realize it or not.

  28. For my part, I couldn't possibly write a hero or heroine I didn't understand and didn't like.

  29. Or at least I wouldn't want to.

  30. But that's a far cry from saying that my heroines are me, or that I would want to be in their place.

  31. Which reminds me, Wolf -- Jacqueline Picard may have shared some of my opinions but she was not my Mary Sue.

  32. I wouldn't be captain of a starship if you paid me; it's far too much work.

  33. Though admittedly, at the time I was writing ST:3GEN I would not have turned up my nose at a nice Christian guy who looked like Alan Rickman.

  34. But I certainly didn't start Jack's story with Gwyn Davies in mind.

  35. You may be noticing that I tend to go off on tangents.

  36. I'm pretty good at getting other people to go off on them as well.

  37. I did it to a lot of my teachers at school.

  38. But I think tangents are frequently much more interesting than the main topic anyway.

  39. I can't believe I'm only on number 39.

  40. I really ought to be working on a story right now.

  41. But I find it hard to muster the mental energy for creative writing these days.

  42. I'm hoping I'll have more chance to write when the baby's older.

  43. Of course, I can see that this would be a perfect time to get back to marketing my original fantasy novel.

  44. But I am too cheap and too lazy to print it all out again and mail it.

  45. And yes, I know how pathetic that is.

  46. It seems I am having a hard time thinking of a hundred things to say about myself.

  47. Which is actually somewhat surprising to me.

  48. Because I am an Anderson, and we Andersons are rarely short of words.

  49. I have also grown up with a good deal of self-confidence.

  50. Which I think is amazing considering that I was continually bullied at school.

  51. But now people often seem intimidated by me.

  52. Even though making others feel inferior is the very last thing I want to do.

  53. I think of myself as a down-to-earth, friendly and approachable person.

  54. But I have discovered that people are apt to either put me on a pedestal or think of me as an arrogant snob.

  55. This really distresses me.

  56. Even though I know that it's part and parcel of being an INTJ.

  57. I used to be a lot more J than I am now, actually.

  58. I'm actually INTX, right on the line between J and P.

  59. So maybe I'm not quite as self-confident as I used to be.

  60. But that's all to the good, I think.

  61. After all, I did and said any number of stupid things in my twenties.

  62. I'm thirty-two now.

  63. Which I find hard to believe, seeing as the 80's still seem like they were only a few years ago.

  64. I still like a lot of 80's music.

  65. Though I pride myself on preferring the more obscure stuff.

  66. I never could get much into "Christian" pop/rock, because so much of it seems superficial and silly.

  67. But I have a lot of respect for secular lyricists who ask the right questions, even if they don't have all the answers.

  68. And sometimes I find that musicians who don't try to market themselves as "Christian" produce more genuinely reverent and spiritual music than a lot of CCR acts.

  69. Few things annoy me more than empty-headed, glib or trivial talk about spiritual things.

  70. But I love hearing words that describe and celebrate the glory and majesty and awesome character of God.

  71. Which is why, on a good day (i.e. when the kids are not misbehaving and I am not too tired to concentrate), I so much appreciate being part of our church's weekly Breaking of Bread service.

  72. Though I imagine it would surprise a lot of my online friends to know that I remain silent in worship except for congregational singing, and that I cover my head.

  73. Both of which I do voluntarily, and without the least feeling of being diminished or demeaned thereby.

  74. In fact, I am an ardent supporter and defender of the Bible's teaching about womanhood and the woman's role.

  75. Because I also believe very few people understand what it's really all about.

  76. And I have a passion for clearing up misunderstandings and misapprehensions about the Bible whenever I get the chance.

  77. Although I tend to over-explain everything and drown my poor listeners/readers in information, which may or may not actually address what they wanted to know.

  78. I am trying to work on this.

  79. I know I'm not as good a listener as I ought to be, and that I need to ask more and answer less.

  80. Because I really do care about people.

  81. Even if I often haven't a clue of how to show it.

  82. I am also really bad with remembering details of other people's lives, even if I only talked to them a few minutes ago.

  83. I'm even bad with people's names.

  84. I wish I were more like my mother, who remembers anything personal that anybody tells her, without being at all gossipy or indiscreet about it.

  85. I love my mom like crazy.

  86. I love my dad like crazy, too.

  87. I adore my whole family, actually.

  88. Although my brothers are still capable of driving me nuts when they put their minds to it.

  89. I hate it when that happens, because I find conflict extremely unpleasant.

  90. Even though I enjoy a lively debate.

  91. I am extremely glad to have married into a family much like my own, where people can disagree about controversial issues without hating each other.

  92. And I am even more glad to have married a man who has strong convictions, yet at the same time manages to be easygoing and laid-back.

  93. I'm still somewhat surprised to find myself married.

  94. I am even more surprised that I have two kids.

  95. I never really wanted to have kids.

  96. But I wouldn't give them up now for anything.

  97. I just pray that I can raise my children half as well as my parents raised me.

  98. Though I know that I am not half as godly as my parents are.

  99. I am glad to see that I've reached the end of this list.

  100. Because both my kids just woke up from their naps, and I have no more time to write!