October 13th, 2002

A Pocket Full of Murder

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Today is Beta Reader Appreciation Day, so this is a good time to say how thankful I am for all those wonderful people who took the time to read my stories in progress, offer encouragement, and suggest edits and improvements:

To Sylvia, my first beta, who kindly read and remarked on Touching Indigo even though she'd never heard of DOCTOR WHO, and then jumped into the fandom with both feet and ended up knowing ten times more about the series than I ever did (which made her a wonderful consultant for my next five Whofics). In return, I let her drag me temporarily into DS9 fandom, and wrote a couple of Dominion War-era O/K vignettes, the better one of which I'm posting in her honour: Dead, for a Dukat.

To Erica and Cally, long-time pleasurable acquaintances from the Lord Peter discussion list, who came on board early in the Darkness and Light series and have remained staunchly by me ever since. Erica's shrewd insights into plot and character, and Cally's hilarious in-line commentaries, kept me going through many a gloomy creative hour.

To Alec, whose enthusiasm for my writing was such that he persuaded me to let him read virtually every surviving story and story fragment I've ever written. He also played a vital role in helping me revise, re-edit and Brit-proof my original fantasy novel Knife. I can't tell you what an encouragement and help you've been to me, Alec.

To Melanie, who not only graciously accepted my burblings about her fic-in-progress, but was kind enough to offer her thoughts on my HP fics as well. And then she let me share her insanely popular thread on the HJP forum, which just goes to show how generous she is.

To Jana, who was kind enough to join the D&L beta crew in spite of her loathing for Snape, just to make sure I got George Weasley right. I hereby apologize for the squickiness she was obliged to endure along the way.

To Teri and Mellie, who were ardent and vocal fans of my stories for months before they actually became "Dandelions" (Alec's whimsical name for the D&L betas) somewhere in the middle of "If We Survive". No doubt the stories would be even better if I'd had the two of them on board from the beginning. You guys rock.

And the others, who couldn't say much or stay long but made an impact anyway: Lori, Dinah, Jo, Wolf, Emily, my brother Pete, and others whose names I have unworthily forgotten and whom I hope will forgive me. Thanks to all of you, from the bottom of my heart.