October 11th, 2002

A Pocket Full of Murder

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This week's Friday Five is a real challenge. Not only is it incredibly hard to narrow the choices down, but I am quite sure that if I answered this question tomorrow some of my responses would be different. Still, for whatever it's worth...

1. If you could only choose 1 cd to ever listen to again, what would it be?
Spirit of Eden by Talk Talk. Brilliant, thought-provoking, multilayered music with a deeply spiritual core.

2. If you could only choose 2 movies to watch ever again, what would they be?
I'd say The Princess Bride, except that I've seen it so many times I could pretty much replay it in my head. The Remains of the Day, though, definitely. And Lawrence of Arabia. Though that means I have to leave out The Hunt for Red October, which pains me.

3. If you could only choose 3 books to read ever again, what would they be?
The Bible, The Lord of the Rings (after all, it was the publishers, not Tolkien, who broke it up into separate books), and C.S. Lewis's The Silver Chair (since he did break up the Narnia series into separate books, unfortunately).

4. If you could only choose 4 things to eat or drink ever again, what would they be?
Water. Chicken. Bread. And, in a fit of impractical decadence, chocolate.

5. If you could only choose 5 people to ever be/talk/associate/whatever with ever again, who would they be?
I choose not to answer this question on the grounds that no matter who I might pick, somebody's going to feel left out. And besides, even if I included only my husband, my children, and my immediate family, it'd still be more than five people...