August 27th, 2002

Nomad - Ivy

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"I going tell Mama a story," announced Nicholas this morning, clambering laboriously onto the bed beside me.
"Really?" I said. "All right, then, go ahead."
"Once 'pon a time, there was a camel. He opened door in a tree, went inside. He was in the woods." He paused fractionally. "He got scared."
"Oh, dear. What happened then?"
"Lots of animals came. They friends. His mommy and daddy came, took him home for supper."
"And what did they eat?"
"Cheese." Another thoughtful pause. "Noodles."
"Oh," I said.
"Then he went upstairs, played toys."
"Was he okay then?"
"Yes." A firm nod. "He was... he was happy."
"Is that the end of the story?"

Not a bad bit of storytelling, I'd say, for a just-turned-two-year-old...
Nomad - Ivy

(no subject)

Can somebody tell me why my web connection stinks lately? I say "web" because while it's happening (or not happening, rather) I can still check my e-mail and get a response from the server. But at least once every few minutes, I click on a link and nothing whatsoever happens. Oh, the link goes active, all right; it's not as though my mouse doesn't work. But my connection just sits there. And sits there. And sits there. Until, maybe thirty seconds to a minute later, it deigns to work again, and connects me to the next site, or performs the next action, or whatever.

Frankly, I got better results from my old 38.8K modem than I'm getting right now from my nearly-new 56K. But I'm told that it can't be the modem itself, because if it were, I shouldn't be able to connect to my ISP successfully at all, let alone be able to check e-mail in the middle of one of these little hiccups. I've got the latest driver for my modem, and I'm signed up to a good ISP that's never done me wrong before. I live in a nearly new subdivision with up-to-date wiring for everything. So what gives? I dunno.

Any ideas, Wolf?