August 10th, 2002

A Pocket Full of Murder

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Well, we just got back from seeing this year's Stratford Festival production of My Fair Lady, with Geraint Wyn Davies and Cynthia Dale.

We had rather poor seats (first row, but so far over on the right of the famous thrust stage that we spent most of the time looking at the actors' backs or profiles, and the view of the principals was frequently blocked by the ensemble cast), but it was still a very enjoyable production. To my considerable surprise and relief, former TV vampire Wyn Davies was actually a very good Higgins -- a sight better than the wimpy Rex Harrison, anyway (though nobody plays Higgins better than Peter O'Toole did, IMO -- I've watched my tape of Pygmalion so many times it's almost worn out). And Cynthia Dale had both the spunk and the superb singing voice needed for Eliza.

All in all, a quite enjoyable afternoon, and a nice chance to get out and spend some time together without the kids.