July 29th, 2002

A Pocket Full of Murder

Growing Up

It's hard to believe, but... tonight, Nicholas is graduating out of his crib. We bought a mate's bed with bookcase headboard used from some friends, a couple of days ago, and Hubby is currently making some minor repairs to the frame before we set it up.

How can a kid I gave birth to just two years ago be ready to sleep in a full-size bed?
A Pocket Full of Murder

Mea Culpa

Alistair's doppelganger has issued a polite objection to my answer to #4 on the fanfic writing questionnaire. If I understand his friendly but somewhat obliquely worded missive, he a) hadn't really intended to be flirtatious, he just seems to come across that way; and b) in actual fact prefers Jack (that's short for Jacqueline, people, don't get excited) to Thea.

I stand corrected.