July 21st, 2002

A Pocket Full of Murder

Name Game

My brother Pete has teased me by accusing me of naming my sons after members of Duran Duran (Nick Rhodes and Simon Le Bon respectively). It's an amusing coincidence, especially considering that I really was a sad little Durannie in my early teens; but I was truly never infatuated with any of the band members, and if I had actually realized the parallel before I named my children I suspect it would rather have given me pause.

I have just been reminded, however, that Nicholas Rowe's middle name, like my son Nicholas's (and we never call him Nick, by the way -- another nail in the coffin of the Duran Duran theory) is James. And while I didn't consciously choose the middle name for that reason (I'm not even sure I knew it before we named our Nicholas), my liking for Nicholas as a first name probably was heavily influenced by Rowe...

Excuse me while I grin sheepishly.

P.S. It is entirely possible that Nicholas Farrell, who in his role as Horatio quietly stole four hours' worth of Hamlet out from under Kenneth Branagh's nose, may have had something to do with it, too.