July 16th, 2002

Nomad - Ivy

Don't wike it either

Well, it looks like Nicholas is going to get his wish after all -- the new sofa and chair are going back, and the old set is coming upstairs again, at least for a while. After three days of "test driving" the new set, I realized that the dark green upholstery we'd ordered showed every single speck of lint and dust, and that the faux suede looked like it had whitish stains in places even though they weren't stained.

After much agony of soul (because it had taken nine weeks for the first set to come in), I reluctantly concluded that I really couldn't live with a sofa I had to worry about all the time, nor did I really want to spend the next few years running a lint roller over it every day. So, we are reordering the same set in a different, less posh-looking but more practical upholstery. And since the Berkline factory is shut down for three weeks' holiday at the moment, this time around it's probably going to take twelve weeks this time before the new stuff is delivered...

Oh, well. At least then I'll have something I feel happy about owning.

I hope.