July 2nd, 2002

A Pocket Full of Murder

Recent Re-Reads

Lately, since I've not been able to get to the library to browse for new reading material, I've been re-reading some of the books on my shelves. First up was Emma Bull and Steven Brust's Freedom and Necessity, an epistolary novel about the Chartist movement in Regency England. Then it was one of the two Elizabeth Peters novels I own, the Amelia Peabody mystery/adventure romp The Ape Who Guards the Balance. Peters' characters are really little better than caricatures and her plots are decidedly sameish, but as light reading the Peabody series is just fine. Now I've moved on to Georgette Heyer's classic Regency novels: finished Sylvester yesterday and have started on Frederica. We'll see what I dig up next...