May 24th, 2002

A Pocket Full of Murder

"R.J. Anderson is God's writer."

Oh, gosh. When someone I'd never heard from before wrote to tell me she'd reviewed my fics, she did it so very matter-of-factly, I almost wondered if she'd done a ruthless slice-and-dice (which would have been kinda entertaining, actually, provided it was intelligently done -- but I digress). As it happened, though, she spent about half the page gushingly hallooing my name to the net-reverberate hills and quoting my stories at length. And she focused on the X-FILES and ALIAS fics! The ones I thought everybody was ignoring! Wow!

Anyway, Karen, thanks a whole lot. You made my day!
A Pocket Full of Murder

I don't repeat myself repetitively. Or redundantly. Again.

Further to last post and Karen's review of Whirlpool Heart in particular, I can't believe I used the word "wrench" four times in a vignette. *blushes*

Can I claim that it's all Nicholas's fault for being obsessed with tools? (Except that honesty would then compel me to admit that "wrench" is possibly the only tool-related word he hasn't learned yet, let alone uttering it 1,000 times a day like he does, say, "hammer" or "screwdriver" or even "measuring tape"...)
A Pocket Full of Murder

Diplomatic Glee!

My local library just called to tell me that Lois McMaster Bujold's Diplomatic Immunity finally came in and is waiting for me at the circulation desk! O frabjous day!

Now I just have to find a few spare minutes to read it...