May 22nd, 2002

A Pocket Full of Murder

Getting ready for baby...

So, I had my 38-week appointment today and everything is still going great. Blood pressure on the low side of normal, baby's heartbeat regular, position still good. I'm still feeling pretty decent, too -- able to walk easily, bend and flex without too much difficulty, and sleeping well on the whole, which is practically unheard-of for a pregnant woman at this stage of things. And today I finally got the cradle mattress I'd been looking for, and also found out that my crib bumpers and sheets could be made to fit into the cradle with a little ingenuity, so now I actually have something ready for the new baby to sleep in. Yay!
A Pocket Full of Murder

REVIEW: "Attack of the Clones"

C&P from a chat with Teri this afternoon:

Me: So, seen "Attack of the Clones" yet?
Teri: Nope.
Me: I was amused.
Teri: Why amused? I mean, aside form the fact that I've heard it's cheesy... :-)
Me: Well, it's good entertainment, as far as being pretty to look at and having lots of action and something actually resembling a coherent and interesting plot.
Teri: Mm, coherent. Wow.
Me: It is also unintentionally hilarious in parts, whereas the parts where they actually tried to be funny mostly fall flat (unlike the original STAR WARS, which I really wanted to see again after watching this, just to remind myself that the SW universe used to have real actual *characters* in it).
Teri: Heh.
Me: But it beats the pants off "Phantom Menace", to be sure. And the lightsabre duels are really cool.
Teri: I did NOT even like PM. Though I saw this really funny parody of it once. hee hee.
Me: PM was lame, yes. This really is much better. And Ewan McGregor has his Alec Guinness impersonation absolutely nailed...
Teri: Hehe.
Me: [In spite of what some reviews say] I didn't think the acting was THAT bad. I mean, it's not like Mark Hamill was gonna win any awards as Luke Skywalker either...
Teri: For real. But I suspect the movie is candidate for some MSTing, anyway. :-)
Me: Oh, for sure. Natalie Portman's costumes alone are ripe fodder for parody. "Anakin, our love can never be, and we shouldn't even be thinking about it... which is why I'm sitting here with you in a darkened room in front of a fireplace, wearing this fetching black leather bustier with cavernous cleavage."
Teri: LOL!!! ... Man, I guess she's a "casual Friday" type senator....
Me: Oh my word, it's unbelievable. The more she protests against the idea of a relationship, the flimsier and more provocative her costumes get. If Anakin swopped off her head with a lightsaber out of sheer frustration he'd have had my complete sympathy. :-)
A Pocket Full of Murder

Tubs and Trek

I've deleted my ranting about the waterbirth tub from earlier today because the problem's all solved now. I mailed off the deposit tonight. Finally. We're scheduled to pick it up on June 1st.

Oh, and the season finale of Enterprise rocked. I didn't see the cliffhanger coming, and I've no idea where it's going. Always a good sign -- assuming TPTB can follow through with a second part as good as the first.