May 17th, 2002

A Pocket Full of Murder

Ficcing and Shopping

I finished Whirlpool Heart (my post-finale Alias fic) tonight! The ever-wonderful Mellie is beta-reading it for me, and I should have a link to the fic up here soon for all the crazy Vaughn fans around here. (Er, like, all one or two of you, anyway.)

And in case anybody had any doubt that I am insane, I'm getting up at an unholy hour tomorrow to go garage-saleing again, in my possibly futile quest to find a) a cradle mattress and bedding for the new baby and b) a tricycle or bicycle for Nicholas's birthday in June. And when I get back, I have to rush around getting ready for a relative's wedding in the afternoon. Not to mention that Sunday's going to be crazy busy as well... agh!