May 15th, 2002

A Pocket Full of Murder

Babies and Bunnies

Well, I had another appointment with the midwife today, and things are still looking and feeling good. BP normal, baby in head-down position, very little swelling (and even better, no carpal tunnel syndrome) so far. I even told her I was sleeping well, which surprised her because she says she never hears that from women at this stage! But it's true -- even though I wake every two hours or so throughout the night, I drop right back into a deep sleep again afterward. I'm very thankful for that, and hope it lasts!

Baby's heartbeat is 120, and the midwife says it seems to be fairly small and compact -- she doesn't think this one is going to be the same size as Nicholas (who was 8 lbs. 13 oz.). She thinks it might be a little girl. Well, that would give me an excuse for having bought four cute little pink-flowered outfits while garage-saleing last weekend... though I was figuring, if it wasn't a girl, I could always give them to somebody else, since they looked brand-new. Besides, my friend Brenda talked me into it. Yeah, that's the ticket -- it's her fault.

On another note, I've realized I have two plot bunnies left to feed before the new baby comes. Epiphany is that Snapelet cookie I keep putting off writing, but will really try to get to, honest. And Whirlpool Heart was an idea I had for a Vaughn vignette, even before the season finale of Alias aired last Sunday and made the concept and title even more ironically appropriate...