April 4th, 2002

A Pocket Full of Murder

Midwiffling and Ficcery

Went to the midwife's yesterday for my checkup (I'm on a two-week schedule now -- oy!) and had a nice chat with her. Everything's normal as far as my blood pressure and protein/glucose levels are concerned, and baby's heartrate is about 135 with vigorous and regular movements, so everything seems to be going well.

We spent a while talking about my plans (or at least hopes) to have a waterbirth this time around -- I really wish I'd done that last time, because the bathtub was just not deep enough to let me float or even fully immerse myself, and ended up being more maddening than helpful. Well, as it turns out, Beth (my midwife) and the student assisting her had attended a home waterbirth just the previous week and were really positive and encouraging about it. So, with that and having read and heard so many good things about the concept, I feel more determined than ever to give it a try.

On the writing front, I've finally started in on "Lessons" again, and another session might well do it as far as my part of the story is concerned. After which I can happily pawn it off on Erica, and maybe have a go at that Ron plot bunny that's been plaguing me for the past week...

Yeah, you heard right, Ron. Never thought I'd write anything about the Trio, either singly or together, but I am just so fed up with Harry and Ron's quarrel in GoF being smugly held up by detractors as evidence that Ron is self-centred, unreasonable, and generally "going bad", that eventually Ron just marched into my head and said he was going to tell me why the fight happened and how he felt about it. In first-person. That should be interesting...