March 13th, 2002

A Pocket Full of Murder

Keepin' Busy

Well, Hubby's union is on strike, so Hubby amused himself by spending the day buying and laying out tiles for our front hallway. He's out there now, at 9:15 p.m., cutting the tiles with a Very Loud Saw. Gotta love that German farmboy work ethic...
A Pocket Full of Murder

Fiction Update!

For the sake of those (kindly and flatteringly) pestering me about various stories and works in progress, I thought I'd post a complete update on the status of all my projects:

1. Harry Potter fics

My half of Lessons has a good chance of getting finished some time in the next, oh, maybe six weeks or so. After that, you'll have to pester Erica instead.

The untitled Snapelets fic is on indefinite hold. I am still thinking about it, quite often in fact; but the more I think about it the more it looks like turning into an angst-ridden epic. I can't see getting anything that ambitious finished in the next two and a half months, and as soon as the new baby is born, I am going to be on indefinite hold myself, so...

2. Other Fanfics

Sincere apologies to my fellow X-Philes, but I don't see myself even working on, let alone finishing, Incarnations (the overly ambitious sequel to Possessions) now. It seems to have become a story in search of a plot, or at least a crisis -- and my enthusiasm for XF really waned after David Duchovny left the show. *cringes* Sorry. Maybe if you just sort of imagine what happened next...?

Treading onto the more fertile ground of ALIAS fic, I am still desperately fending off a plot bunny about what happened to Vaughn's tie (and the consequences thereof) after the events of "The Box, Part II". Maybe if I can write it up as a really fluffy bunny, instead of turning it into a full-blown action-adventure story, it'll be short enough that I won't feel guilty playing with it. Yeah. Right.

On the Doctor Who front, I've never really lost interest in the Eleventh Doctor and Thea, but the last project I was writing them into seems to have stalled (see Incarnations, above). Urk.

3. Original Works

Okay, so maybe The Case of the Winning Woman (I really need to change that title) doesn't exactly count as "original" since it's a Sherlock Holmes novel. But unlike my fanfic it actually stands a chance of getting published for profit. Anyway, I definitely haven't given up on this one, but continuing it past Chapter Six (sorry, only the first three chapters are available on the web) will require research, and that's something I haven't time to do right now. Try me again in another five years. :)

My epic fantasy Sevenstone is also worth continuing, I think, but again, it requires more mental energy (if not research in the same sense) than I have to give right now. See note at end of last entry.

And finally, my completed fantasy novel Knife (not available online) was revised recently with the help of the admirable and ever-encouraging Alec Dossetor. As such it ought to be making the rounds of publishers and/or agents, and it would be, if I weren't so dratted lazy. Plus I hate having editors or agents sit on the manuscript for 6-12 months at a time before telling me that gee, they really like it, but they just can't snap it up right now... Sigh.

Of course, those are just the projects people reading this blog might conceivably know about and/or have read bits of. I'm not even going to start talking about the status of my modern mystery novel, or my 12th-century historical / Robin Hood with a twist novel, or...

Obviously, I am not short of ideas.