February 14th, 2002

Nomad - Ivy

V-Day and B-Days

I used to ignore Valentine's Day -- even for the last three years I've been married we haven't done anything particular to celebrate -- but tonight seemed like a good night to go out for dinner, so we did. We (Hubby, Nicholas and I) had a wonderful meal at The Olde English Parlour and Pub, a restaurant we'd not visited before (but will surely be visiting again -- terrific food, fast service, lovely atmosphere!), then finished up with a couple of Blizzards from DQ. Burp.

Afterward, as we were lying on the sofa at home trying to recover from being thoroughly stuffed, Hubby was chatting with Nicholas about the new baby. "Nicholas," he said, "Where's the baby?"

Twenty-month-old Nicholas, who is no slouch, pointed to my stomach. "Good boy!" enthused Hubby. "Now, which do you want, a little brother or a little sister? Boy or girl?"

Nicholas considered this seriously a moment. Then he said, with great clarity and emphasis, "Doggie."

After the hysterical mirth generated by this statement had subsided, Hubby tried again. "Mama can't have a doggie, Nicholas," he said. "Just a boy or a girl. Which do you want?"

"Girl," said Nicholas.

"Are you sure? Don't you want a little brother?"

"No." He sounded very definite.

"You want a sister?"


So, that appears to settle it. We'll see if he's right.