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It isn't much, but it'll do for now...

Since the baby has been insanely unreasonable (for him, anyway) over the past few days, and I end up having to carry him around 3/4ths of the day and frantically rush about trying to do household stuff in the few precious moments that he's happy/sleeping, it's been pretty hard to get anything creative done lately. Also, I'm still racking my brains to figure out who I owed e-mails to after I stupidly deleted my Inbox, and trying to come up with some replies before I forget those messages entirely.

However, I did find myself strangely drawn to the first challenge at hmdicons, and I've entered three icons of Cameron, Cuddy and Chase which you can see here. Who knows whether they'll win anything, but I'm pleased with them.

Also, since you were all so wussy about filling in my Nohari Window (no, really, I'm touched that you think so well of me and/or have such highly developed instincts for self-preservation), let me point you to my thread in the 100% Anon. Meme. Strong language warning in the meme description, though, alas.

The baby is up and miserable again. Whee. *slopes off to do maternal duty*
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