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LOST: "The Hunting Party"

I shall begin with a very short and spoiler-free review, consisting solely of the words I actually said out loud after the screen went black:

"Holy cow."

"Holy... cow."



Considering that major developments on LOST are usually greated with a low whistle or occasionally a Hurley-style "Whoa," you can imagine that this one kind of blew my mind. It wasn't that Jack's final line came completely out of left field or anything -- in a way we've known it was coming for ages -- but just... hearing him say it was quite... something.

Nevertheless, Jack is a friggin' psycho and he and Ana-Lucia are a fine pair. I don't mean in the romantic sense, I mean that they're both loose cannons, just waiting to go off and take everybody else with them. Gee, won't that be fun. I hope Sayid comes along and points out to Jack that "Hello, you are a DOCTOR not a GENERAL for Allah's sake, and playing soldiers isn't nearly as easy as you seem to think it is." Except he totally won't. Sigh.

Points to Jamie baby Sawyer for telling Kate he'd have done the same thing in her place. Which he totally would -- being stupid enough to have joined the party in the first place (including trekking all day and climbing mountains -- apparently, the Sawyer is robust). And although I'm not a big Kate defender as a rule, I really don't blame her for setting out after the hunting party, considering the completely obnoxious and high-handed way that Jack denied her the right to join them. (In fact I briefly entertained a delightful notion of Kate rescuing the lot of them from the Others instead of ending up as the stereotypical victim/pawn, but such was not to be.)

I really cannot see my way to hating fictional characters as a rule: the most I generally accord the more irritating among them is an eyeroll or a yawn. But Jack is getting on my last nerve with that "Everything is about me and I am the King of Everything" attitude. I felt sorry for him that his wife left, and Matthew Fox did a fine job of pulling all the emotion out of that scene, but it doesn't help much to see in the present that the guy has apparently not learned from any of his past mistakes.

However, Sun and Jin and Hurley were, as usual, a balm to the soul. And Locke, who so often gratifies me by being so sane and sensible when it comes to little things, even if he is a bit wacky about about some of the bigger ones... not to mention serenely coming out with Sawyer's real name and then quizzing him about it in spite of Sawyer's obvious seething resentment, which made me giggle because a ticked-off but impotent Sawyer is always amusing. Hee!

Is it next week yet?
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