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Ficlets Ahoy!

A while back I said I'd post links to all the drabbles and other quick-fics I'd written for the "Stump the Author" meme, so here I am making good on that promise.

For yunitsa, a Ninth Doctor and Rose drabble:

Hurrying out of her bedroom, Rose bumped into the Doctor so hard she nearly knocked him over. He put a hand on her shoulder, steadying himself, and looked down at her in surprise. "What, changing your kit again?"

Rose rolled her eyes. "Most people do wear more than one outfit, Doctor. Just because you can't be fussed--"

"I'm hurt. Fancy you not noticing my new jumper."

Her lips pursed dubiously. "Looks the same as the old one."

"That's just your limited human eyesight. Yesterday's jumper was ulfire. This one's sort of jale."

"You're having me on!"

The Doctor grinned.

* * *

For kerravonsen, the Ninth Doctor meets Fox Mulder:

"And you've been working on this for years, have you?" said the Doctor, leafing through a file and putting it down again. "Must take all this evidence-of-alien-life thing pretty seriously."

"You could say that," replied the lanky man on the other side of the desk, his mouth a rueful twist.

"Well," said the Doctor cheerfully, "don't give up. You never know what'll happen if you just keep looking -- wouldn't you say, Rose?"

There was no answer. He glanced back at her, and saw her staring upward at the space above the desk. "Why," she said slowly, "is your ceiling full of pencils?"

* * *

For avarill, Remington and Laura:

"Ah, Miss Holt! Good morning -- have you had coffee? Mildred's just made a fresh pot, I believe..."

Laura, who until that point had been on her way to her office, stopped in mid-stride and turned a narrowed, suspicious gaze on her partner. "Mr. Steele, what have you done now?"

"Nothing! Nothing at all." He affected a wounded expression, his blue eyes full of reproach. "Really, Miss Holt, do you trust me so little?"

She hesitated, then softened. "You're right. Yes, I would like coffee. Tell Mildred to bring it to my office," and she began moving forward once more.

"Wait!" He stepped swiftly sideways, between her and the door. "I mean, why don't we enjoy it out here? Surely there's no rush, the work can wait a minute or two..."

"I knew it!" exclaimed Laura in mingled outrage and triumph, and flung open her office door. There was a moment of awful silence, and then, very slowly, she turned back to look Steele in the face.

"Why," she said, "is there a pig in my office?"

Steele gave her a sheepish, apologetic smile.

* * *

And finally, a House vignette for cesario:

When House told Cameron that she was only interested in him because he was damaged, he was at once right and wrong.

Right, because his relentless misanthropy had indeed been the first thing about him that fascinated her, in the inevitable attraction of opposites; but wrong, tragically wrong, when he accused her of believing she could fix him.

The truth is that even though she is a doctor, determined to help and heal wherever she can, Cameron knows her limitations. And she has known for a long time that Gregory House is broken beyond her power to repair.

What House does not realize, and what Cameron cannot explain to him, is that she does not love broken things out of the belief that she can fix them.

She loves them simply because they need to be loved.

* * *

I also wrote Snape/Luna for lizbee, but since that ended up being revised and expanded into the middle part of "Opportunities", there's no need to repost it here. I still owe her a Snape/Lily drabble, however, which I plan to write as soon as I can think of a suitable idea.
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