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Catching up on HOUSE

H. and I are finally getting around to watching last season's episodes, and it's interesting (and occasionally quite amusing) looking at these early eps in the light of later ones.

Seeing "Hunting" before "Occam's Razor", for instance -- I couldn't help thinking as I watched the latter that the way Cameron deliberately messed with Chase's mind once she knew he was obsessed with her foreshadowed the way she'd go on to use him the following season. I also noted in that scene, though I've noticed it before, that Jesse Spencer is a really fine face actor -- you could see every one of his thoughts and feelings as Cameron was delivering her "sex is ugly" speech, even though he didn't have a single line.

But tonight we watched "Maternity", and all I can say is House doing the autopsy on the baby and starting to remove its little diaper ENDED. MY. LIFE. That has to be one of the saddest moments on the show ever. I should know better than to watch stuff about babies right now. Or possibly ever.

And speaking of babies, GIP. Paul turned four months yesterday.
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