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I never said what I thought of "The Christmas Invasion", did I?

Well, I loved it. Yeah, it had plot holes; sure, it was cheesy in parts. But I still had great fun watching it. I also didn't notice that the swordfight was bad -- I did think it a bit slow, but I figured the swords were heavy. The swordfight between the Fifth Doctor and "Sir Gilles Estram" in "The King's Demons" is even more naff if you're going to get picky about these things, but when the Doctor picks up a sword I just lose my critical faculties. (Yes, I love "Androids of Tara" too, why do you ask?)

I think what made the episode for me, though, was finding out that the Tenth Doctor was so different from what I'd expected. I figured he was going to be all boyish and affable, and perhaps even come across a bit ineffectual in the process -- more like Five or Eight. Instead, he reminded me of Seven -- chatter and bustling energy mingled with flashes of intensity and deadly calm. That whole "six words" thing in particular was very Sevenish, I thought. And in the end, I found myself thinking that Ten was more on top of his game, more authoritative and in control of the situation, than Nine would have been in his place.

As for Harriet, I agree with those who were shocked by her decision, but could also see how it might seem like the only thing she could do under the circumstances. I'm not sure that the Doctor didn't merely mean to frighten her by raising the possibility of a no-confidence vote, and that we'll still be seeing her as PM in future -- after all, didn't he say back in "World War III" that she served three terms? Or are we now in a splinter universe of some sort? (Or perhaps I should ask instead whether RTD is on crack, which is a bit more plausible.)

And finally, the trailer for the new season. Given the choice between Sarah-Jane and K-9, I would not have expected the latter to be the only one in need of a facelift, but Lis Sladen does not appear to have aged one day in the last twenty years, which is really impressive. Can't wait to see her -- well, both of them -- again. And ASH looking all slick and evil! I hope he turns out to be the Master after all.

Is it March yet?
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