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REC: "The Queen's Return" (Narnia, gen, post-series Susanfic)

I have to confess that in general, the idea of Narnia fic makes me squirm. LotR fic also lacks any appeal for me, but Narnia in particular will always be my first fantasy love, and the prospect of wading through a host of "edgy, subversive" Narnia stories (however technically well-written) in search of something I could enjoy frankly nauseates me.

However, as with most rules, there is at least one shining exception, and I'm so very glad that I made it when I came across this link in the comments of kalquessa's LJ. Because the author of this story has faced the problem of Susan head-on, and written a postscript to the series which not only plausibly and (I think) fairly explains how Susan might have come to forget Narnia, but also addresses the question of whether or not she might, as Lewis intimated in one of his letters, yet find her own way to Aslan's Country in the end.

It's simply but beautifully written, it captures the spirit of Lewis without attempting to imitate him, and it did my heart good to read it. I think many of you will enjoy it too.

The Queen's Return by honorh.
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