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Friday Round-Up; GoF Redux

Some random linkage for a Friday afternoon:

Community plug: housefic_meta. Right now they're looking for recommendations of "Classic" House fics, by which they really seem to mean "really well-written House fics of any sort, even if nobody's heard of them". So in the end, some useful recs could come out of this. I personally plan to submit a couple (recs, I mean). It's hard to find good Housefic.

Also, probably everybody in creation has seen the best Christmas lights display ever, but here it is in case you haven't. Snopes has the backstory -- it's the real deal, cooked up by an electrical engineer with delusions of grandeur and waaaay too much time on his hands. Now if only I could get my kids to stop playing it over and over and over...

Finally, ursulav has just posted an amusing story about editing one of her manuscripts which I think will be of special interest to lizbee, among others.

* * *

I should probably have mentioned a couple of posts back, since there seems to be some honest confusion on the subject, that I did enjoy GoF. In fact, I probably enjoyed it as much as PoA or more so -- definitely more than I did the first two movies, anyway. Not that any of them were actually painful to watch, IMO. Of course the books are better, but aren't they always?

The best thing about the film, though, I haven't yet seen mentioned anywhere -- at the Yule Ball, not only is Moody wearing a kilt, he has a a dead ferret attached to his sporran. Comedy GOLD, man. I nearly spit my water all over the row in front of me.

Also, I love Neville like whoa, shiny shoes and all.
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