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I've just seen GOF

I finally worked up the courage to a) ask my parents to babysit both boys and the baby for more than two hours and b) be away from the baby for a feeding. Apparently little Paul took the bottle of expressed milk I'd left for him just fine, and went off to sleep with very little fuss. *is hugely relieved*

So... now I've seen The Movie at last! But really, what can be said about it that hasn't been said already?

I think the adaptation was about as good as it could be, considering the length of the source material. I mourned the loss of Krum's hooked nose, but on the other hand, I cried when Harry came back with Cedric's body. Alas, Michael Gambon still has zero understanding of Dumbledore, and appears to be playing a completely different and much less likeable character who wouldn't know how to twinkle if you set him on fire. Brendan Gleeson was brilliant as Mad-Eye (and very much as I'd imagined him, except for the weird patch-arrangement with the eye and the big metal boot on his peg-leg), David Tennant chomped large splintery pieces out of the scenery (now that I think of it, perhaps that's what he was doing with his tongue -- trying to spit them out), Ralph Fiennes should perhaps be notified that nobody wins an Oscar for playing a bald guy with a snake nose but full marks to him for trying, Myrtle in the bath was really creepy in a way that reminded me of the whole HP fandom, the Twins are madly fanciable more amusing with each movie, and Daniel Radcliffe is all kinds of buff, if a bit short SIXTEEN YEARS OLD FULL STOP.

Oh, and Emma Watson is shrill and annoying, but I think we knew that.

Off to pump (meh, but this is what happens when you miss a feeding) and then to bed.
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