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Brown paper packages, tied up with strings...

I have already told lizbee that her Totally Awesome Parcel arrived not just on the day, but within a mere two hours, of baby Paul's birth. Wombat photos will be had as soon as I a) have energy for same; b) have a baby whose lips are not purple (the sad side effects of gentian violet treatment) and c) can get my husband to return the camera. I will also repeat that the Graeme Base dragon book and Possum Magic, sent for the enjoyment of the other two boys, are brilliant and will, I'm sure, be long and well loved.

Also, lydaclunas, I got your parcel three days ago, but what with all the hospital stuff going on, it rather got lost in the shuffle. I opened it last night and was delighted -- thank you so much! Dinotopia I read today for the first time, and it is indeed very nifty. Simon has already fallen in love with "Froggy" and stolen it from his brother temporarily (along with Liz's stuffed wombat), but I'm sure it will make its way back to its rightful owner when Paul is old enough to appreciate such things. And the olive oil was a very nifty touch, too.

In short, you guys are the bestest. Thanks so very much.

stmarysalice, I will reply to your e-mail soon -- thanks!
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