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Mary-Sue Me!

According to the wisdom of FF.net:

Rebecca and the 3 Gryffindor chaser were best friends until Katie fell in love with the person Rebecca loved since the beginning, Oliver Wood.

And Oliver has no opinion about any of this? Useless wuss.

Harry Potter's twin sister, Rebecca, comes in the scene as she saves Raoul and Christine from Erik. The question is, can she save Erik from Voldemort and most of all, herself? Violence, sexual trangressions, and language...

From ghosties and ghoulies and bad Phantom crossovers, deliver us.

Dear James, I really hope you have a good life with Rebecca. She's a perfect match for you. I was a bit mad at first but then I realized if I love you I would want you to be happy. So goodbye James, I'll finally be free, because I'm going to kill myself.

Bye bye, alt-Lily, don't let the Veil hit you on the way out.

Remus and Sirius are visited by Remus's sickeningly sweet sister Rebecca. Slash and a few uncomfortable walk-ins insue. Also, marriage couseling, old school mates, stalkers, wild geese and lost wedding bands are all popping in.

It's alarming enough that the slash only "insues" after the saccharine Miss Rebecca arrives, but -- wild... geese?

Rebecca is ur average teenage witch but with a twist. First, she is a Malfoy. Second, she falls for the 'Boy-Who-Lived' and third doesn't want to become a Deatheater but is obligated. Well seems like she is not your average witch after all.

Oh, yeah, because heaven knows there's nothing average about any of those cliches.

This is all different you will love reading it through the eyes of Rebecca Sunfire. we need reviews okay give us reviews and we might be backed up right now but that's ok just give us reviews flames excepted.Beginning very descriptive.

I'm suspecting that "Rebecca Sunfire"'s eyes are about the only ones that are going to love reading this...

Rebecca Snape tries to fit into her father's shoes while dealing with her hidden past and a new professor.

Poor girl, nobody ever warned her that Severus wore three-inch stiletto heels.
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