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No. Just NO.

I don't usually get into things like this, but I'm too appalled and, frankly, angry to keep silent. And those who know me best will know that I don't get angry easily, or often.

Nevertheless, I feel the need to state my utter, utter disgust with the attitude of the LJ commenter (not anyone I know personally) who expressed regret in a third party's journal that a certain other person on LJ was "not among the dead or injured" in the London attacks.

I don't know anything about the party being wished ill in this case -- never talked to them, never even seen their LJ name before today that I can recall. But I don't care how much you disagree with someone or how obnoxious you think they are in the way they present their views -- making jokes, in a public forum no less, about what a shame it is that your LJ nemesis didn't get blown up by a terrorist bomb is just plain sick.

On a day when people in the UK are grieving the horror of lost and injured loved ones, I can think of few things more disgusting and inappropriate than to make capital of that tragedy to express your petty resentment of another human being. That kind of comment says a lot more ugly things about you and your attitude toward other people than it does about the person you've just declared, however jokingly, as unworthy to live.

And no, I am not linking to the comment in question or naming any of the parties involved, because that isn't the point here and I don't want this to turn into a circus. I just felt that I had to say something or I'd explode.

ETA: I see that the comment in question has been deleted. Well, at least someone thought better of letting it stand, but frankly, it shouldn't have been said in the first place.
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