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Having a bit of a tidy... and some HBP weirdness

I'm trying to cut back on the time I spend online, and will probably do some more pruning of forums, communities, feeds and journals from my reading list in the near future. No ill-will is involved toward anyone involved in said forums, communities, feeds and journals; no personal judgment is intended and, I hope, no offense given. See my userinfo for more details.

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I must be more excited about HBP than I thought (ah, who am I kidding -- I've already cancelled my online order and am planning to drive across town at midnight to buy the thing from a local bookseller just so I can be sure of having it RIGHT AWAY) because I spent all last night dreaming about it, one dream after another.

In the first dream, I had a copy of the book on the release date and was wandering around the grounds of Hogwarts and in and out among crowds of students and professors reading it. But for some reason the idea of brushing past a real-life Harry, Ron, Hermione and occasionally Snape was of much less interest to me than reading the actual book. Among other things, I was boggling over the fact that some of the text was highlighted in fluorescent orange and lime green, plus there was a little box on one of the pages that played a mini-movie when pressed.

Unfortunately, there was very little Snape in the dream HBP, but what there was, I enjoyed so much I made squeeing noises anyway. No big revelations I recall, just a lot of Snape being Snape in a manner I found both amusing and strangely endearing. And then, of course, Real Snape turned up and made some vitriolic comments about my lack of attentiveness, but that only succeeded in making me grin fondly at him. I guess I missed him more than I thought, or else I have been watching House episodes and reading transcripts to the extent that I have conflated the two characters, which is probably more likely. (I made my husband watch "Three Stories" and "Honeymoon" this weekend. House is H.'s new hero and soulmate, and his only regret is that he can't come up with snappy comebacks like that himself.)

There were two more HBP dreams, but I'll spare you the details, since I'm sure they bear no resemblance whatsoever to the reality of a) how and when I will get the book or b) what's in the book. I don't even feel like making predictions at the moment, except to reiterate my long-standing assertion (I've been convinced of this since GoF) that Dumbledore will die in Book Six, leaving Harry feeling more helpless and vulnerable than ever as he faces the final confrontation with Voldemort.

And now, off to make breakfast...
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